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  • Chances Of Getting A Date
  • Features
  • Quality of Member’s photos
  • Help Files / Technical Support
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use / Navigation
  • Ease of Joining / Registration

  • Free to join
  • 1 month is $39.95
  • 3 months is $74.95
  • 6 months is $119.95
  • 12 months is $179.95

  • Real-time chat feature
  • The site offers dating advice and tips for your better presense here
  • Advanced search
  • You can hide members you don’t want to see in search results
  • You can see who has viewed your profile
  • You can see who is interesting in your profile
  • Post full sized photos in your profile
  • Option to receive priority listings in search results
  • You can upload to 27 photos to your profile
  • Option to become a featured profile so other members will see you higher in search results
  • You can see newly registered members on the site

When you see a site called, you naturally assume that all members are worth millions of dollars. While it is geared more towards the rich men of the world, there are areas on their site for guys making less than $150,000 a year and do not discriminate against anyone that isn’t rich. Their success stories will also tell you that not all rich men are getting as lucky as they might think they would by joining a site like this.

You can join their site for free and investigate but, eventually, you are going to want to get a paid membership. This means you will be charged close to $40 a month on a recurring schedule to be able to use the site as intended. While those guys making over the $150,000 mark aren’t going to have any issues with that, the guys that don’t make that much might find it a bit unexpected. Just know that the benefits are definitely worth the amount of money you pay for the membership.

There are a lot of dating sites that can offer you a chance to meet someone, but only can give you the chance to meet professionals no matter how much you make annually. You may feel like a fish out of water if you aren’t all that rich, but there’s a good chance that there are others that aren’t looking for the money aspect to determine whether or not you would be worth the effort to get to know.

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