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  • Chances Of Getting A Date
  • Features
  • Quality of Member’s photos
  • Help Files / Technical Support
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use / Navigation
  • Ease of Joining / Registration

  • The site is absolutely free

  • You can create video profiles
  • Public chatrooms
  • Option to send and receive voice messages
  • You can join social groups in your area
  • The site offers dating tips and advices
  • Calendar of single events in your area
  • You may search for matches by sex, education, distance from you, body type religion and relationship status

There are many dating sites these days that promise you free sign up and access to their sites, but once you join, you find that the features you were hoping to use are not free. That’s how a lot of these sites make money and more than a few of them aren’t even worth the amount they’re asking. But is a site that has decided you should have the freedom to use every option available to find your next soul mate. Even video profiles are completely free with them.

You can set up your profile, contact other members, and even see local singles events that are being offered without having to pay a single penny for the service. When they say they’re free; that is exactly what they are. You aren’t going to be tricked into purchasing a membership that you didn’t want in the first place and there’s a good chance that you’ll find that person you have been dreaming about. Of course you’ll want to get a disposable email address as the spam can get outrageous at times.

The whole aspect of giving you everything for free comes at the price of sponsors sending you emails for their products. If you use your everyday email, then prepare to see a massive increase in the amount of spam you receive. While it can get annoying, the benefits of using greatly outweigh the time it takes you to clear out your spam folder daily. Besides, where else are you going to find ways of meeting singles that don’t require a major credit card being placed on file in order to respond to connection requests?

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