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  • £14.95 per month. Total £14.95 for 30 days
  • 3 months £9.99 per month. Total £29.95 for 90 days
  • 6 months £8.33 per month. Total £49.95 for 180 days
  • 1 year £5.42 per month Total £64.95 for 365 days


    • Very strong on local membership, 100s in every area
    • Private chat
    • Free introduction to local singles
    • Notification of new singles in your area
    • Powerful search tool
    • Dating Diary

Love Travel Dating site is one of the very few super niched online dating site aimed at a very small group of singles, in the case of Love Travel Dating, men and women who love to travel and go on adventures. On first visit to the site, before reading a single word as to what the site is about, the impression that comes to mind is that of a far away place and romance. This is not far from the impression the site is trying to convey, the only missing piece of the narrative puzzle a mention of the core business of the site; online dating. A glance at the site’s title bar or the homepage completes the puzzle: Love, Romance, Dating, Travel and Adventures.

One feature that is common to most of the best online dating sites is their ability to get new members signed up quickly, with minimal fuss and form filling. Love Travel Dating, signing up entails selecting two options from two input type forms and typing your details into 3 lines on a form and you are a registered member! The simplicity of signing up with Love Travel Dating is very attractive and immediately places the site with some of the top sites. Online dating sites that makes their members complete pages and pages of form before they are signed up tend to lose many of the would be members at the sign up stage.

Once the sign up process is completed, you are taken to the profile page where you can tell others as little or as much about yourself as you like, the more information you provide about yourself, the higher your chances of finding a date sooner rather than later. From the moment you complete your profile, you start seeing members of the opposite sex withing your age category as they login and log out, you are however unable to talk to them until your account is upgraded.

Upgrading your account or becoming a full member is when the real fun starts, you are now able to contact other members who catches your fancy. Upgrading you account is simple and straight forward, you have the options of paying with:
Visa Credit Card
MasterCard Credit Card
Your Mobile Phone

Like with most dating sites, the longer you buy your membership for, the cheaper it become. Given that this site seem to be teaming with loads of singles, you may not need to join for more than 1 month, but to be on the safe side and get the discount that comes with signing up for 3 months, you may want to sign up for 3 months.

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