How Free Are Free Dating Sites?

How free are free dating sites?

How free are free dating sites?

One of the most powerful marketing tools in the world, is to offer a free sample if you are selling a product, if selling services such as online dating services, free membership. In the case of a merchant selling, lets say cheese, you are offered a piece of cheese to taste, if you like it, you buy a bigger piece of cheese, in the case of online dating sites, the free sample method offered by a produce seller will not work, if a free membership is offered, once the prospective dating site client uses the free membership to find a date, there is no reason to continue membership of the site, this makes the use of free period on dating sites a less attractive marketing proposition to dating site owners, so, how do dating sites use “free” to take advantage of the pulling power of free offers?

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When surfing or reading things in print, the headline is always the first thing that draws our attention, so in the early days of online dating, many people looking for free dating sites tends to sign up with dating sites offering free registration, only to find out that the only thing that is free, is just the part where you add your details to the dating site, if you want to make contact with other members on the site, you have to pay.
May people find this disappointing because they assumed that everything on the site is free, only for the dating site operator to point out that no, we promise free registration, which you now have, if you want to meet other members of the site, you have to “upgrade” your account to a paid account.

The above method seem to be standard with most dating sites; offering free registration and asking for payment for registered members to be able to participate fully in the site.

But there are some genuinely free dating sites where both registration and membership of the site is free. Such sites tend to generate by placing advertising on their users profile and on their website.

Some well know genuinely free dating sites includes:

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