Ghana Personals at Lava Place Review

Ghana Personals at Lava Place Review

  • Chances Of Getting A Date
  • Features
  • Quality of Member’s photos
  • Help Files / Technical Support
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use / Navigation
  • Ease of Joining / Registration

  • One month – $9.99
  • 3 months – $17.97
  • 6 months – $29.94

  • You can save searches
  • Quick search – sex, between ages, with photos or not
  • Premium members show up at the top before basic members
  • You can see who has viewed your profile
  • You can see who has saved you to his favorites
  • Top 100 members: the most hottest matched members on the site
  • You can see who is online now

When i first logged on to, my first reaction was, “is that it?” judging from the design, it’s easy to load, which is always a plus but it’s layout is way to simply, looks like the owner didn’t really want to spend time or money on the design and rather just wanted to get straight to the point.

The home page which is virtually the site is some sort of a list of all its members at the end of the list you have the pages numbered out, so you just click on page two. This format the site top doesn’t really give it the option of using its most “beautiful” members as some kind of cover picture to attract new users. So the members which i can see on the home screen which i suspect were randomly picked, doesn’t really attract me.

The plus side to this Site is that it’s international and has a lot of foreign users. To register to become a member is straight forward but in different steps which should not be a problem. To login as a registered member is done with your email as there’s no option of using your membership username to login, this means all members have their email addresses on their profile too, so then instead of staying on to chat with someone you fancy, you can just send the person an email and take the conversation elsewhere.

On the side of the home page, the right sidebar you would see “Dating by cities” and below would be the list of cities in Ghana, this makes the search for a partner easy as you can just select the city you are interested in having your partner be in, also on top of their pictures, you would be able to see if they are online or when last they were online, this makes things easy as no body wants to start a chat with someone who was last online about 5 months ago, the chances of getting a quick response which is the main aim of the website, may not be possible.

Guest users can also have a quick search, if you intend to become a member but want to be sure this website can give you what you are looking for before you register, you can search for the details then when they come out, you register, most dating websites do not allow guest to search, as you must be a member to perform such action.

You are also allowed to see who had paid your profile a visit and who added you as favorite. On the top where there are some tabs, when you click on the “Top 100” you are expected to see the ranking of the top most attractive members and you can search for them by profiling them based on their Gender, age and country. And instead of beating around the bush, you can just click on the “Online Now” tab and you would get a list of all members currently online, you can also choose to search for users currently based on their age, gender and nationality which if find pretty cool. Another cool feature i found out on this website, it seems a user can update on his current location and what he/she is doing there, just like on Facebook, so that when you click on the “Places” tab, you would see a list of travel destinations where other users have visited also seeing their comments and review about the destination.

Something most users ignore in any website is the “Help” tab, on this particular website, i would recommend all new and existing users to read through the “help” tab, as there are lots of FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) already answered, ranging from how to hide your profile to how safe the privacy of members are.

Overall is a cool site but not attractive and doesn’t captivate the eye, but once you can persist on it because of its over simplicity you would like it.

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