Eharmony Review

Eharmony Review

  • Chances Of Getting A Date
  • Features
  • Help Files / Technical Support
  • Ease of Use / Navigation
  • Value for Money

  • Standard Membership is free
  • Premium Membership (is free for women, while men pay the following):
  1. 1 Month: £39.35
  2. 3 Months: £23.65/month
  3. 12 Months: £13.80/month

  • Tens of 1000’s of members based in UK
  • Men and woman online viewing all day round the clock
  • Hundreds of users on at any one time
  • Men and women and visitors like to spend long spells on the site each visit
  • Hence eHarmony is the meeting place for all men and women.

Everyone who is familiar with dating sites would definitely know eHarmony. Its been around for a while and has a good reputation for standards. The challenge about most websites that offer dating services is the security it has to offer and eHarmony offers an excellent service.

The signing up processes for membership takes a while. The forms are quiet detailed and it requires each registrant full biographical details for safe keeping and security reasons. It is also required to enable the site profile this details so as to get easy access to a profile match.

When one first opens the home page of eHarmony, most first thoughts tend to cool similar to the ice blue color of the template background. In fact the ice blue sent a shiver right down to my nether loins who seemed to be uncomfortable ala in freeze mode. Anyway as always if you want to get something out of life one has to turn a negative into a positive. So fast forward ignoring the icy blue surroundings all of a sudden upon flicking through the search gallery for female profiles, at last my dormant unemployed penis declared some rigid interest. At last one had reached a zenith a place where a rampant penis could be expecting to find full time employment. After all as all men know if one gets hard it takes pussy action to force an erection into spitting spunking submission.

But keep on focus never flick back and read the childish drivel on the home page like – quote – “When you feel like you’ve known each other for years even though it’s only been a few hours.” That folks comes straight out of “Mills and Boon” only a naïve impotent novice is going to believe that. Time to get serious the only reason a man and a woman or vice versa, have to meet is for sexual intercourse. Any other reason that may be offered by geeks and sexual gurus is just that a reason that has little or no validity…

There are indeed lots of questionnaire updates even after becoming a member, the questions keep coming in , so as to enable constant update of every members profile. The financial capability of members are also asked about and various personal likes and dislikes about people and situations.

But wait let’s refocus from the slight drift away into  fairy tales and potential mythology. We dismissed all the barriers to entry  into eHarmony we paid the premium subscription and joined. Then the ice blue intro turned scintillating red hot, the first girl who saw my profile hit me up and said as an opening gambit – quote – “Honey send to my mobile an image of your “Love Muscle.” I just that and we met and we certainly did not fall in love but we did f**k each other’s brains out c’est la vie.

Summary I suppose that very rare minority are looking for the love of one’s life that we cannot guarantee at eHarmony. But alternatively if as we expect the majority of men and women are looking for NSA sexual intercourse. Then this is the place for one and all, but always remember  that folks who engage in casual sex should use a prophylactic condom…

Eharmony’s mobile site is quiet convenient but even better when used with its mobile application, which comes in android and iphone version.

eHarmony embraces and ensures that all men and woman are welcome to meet on this very busy online dating site. In fact the home page color should be bright red as the rest of the site is red hot!

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