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Almost on a daily basis, a dozen or so new adult dating sites goes online for the first time. One thing all these new adult dating sites have in common is the fact that you cannot really call them a dating site, over 90% of them are just another name for one of the well know adult dating networks, this means the user base of these so called new dating sites are just old profile you might have encountered on a different dating site under a different name. That is not the case with, that is why the site is worth bringing to your attention. was founded in 2013. Like any new offering in a highly competitive and almost saturated market, brings a refreshing new angle into the free adult dating niche; a free adult dating service that is actually free. So, what is wrong with the existing free adult dating sites?

Well, all free services, whether free adult dating site or anything else still need to make money to keep it going. Most of the existing free adult dating sites actually charge you for some of their services, does not charge its members any money at all, the site is completely advertisement supported.

Does it mean every inch of the site is plastered with adverts? No, as a matter of fact, at the time of writing this, there was no advert on the homepage or the website.  The adverts on the site are show to registered members, who are urged to click on the adverts to support the site. may be new to adult dating in the US market but if its claim of over 80,000 members is correct, that make it the fastest growing adult dating site in the world. You can sign up to join by clicking here.

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