Controversial Dating Websites

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You might think that you’ve seen everything when it comes to various types of dating websites these days. On the other hand, you may still be open to whatever else is lurking in the not so dark shadows of the Internet. There are some very new and rather different dating sites that have come into being recently and others that are simply now coming to the notice of those people searching for some dating companionship and fun.

One of the very newest dating sites currently under scrutiny is called Carrot Dating. Developed by Brandon Wade, this site operates from using “bribes” or “dangling carrots” in front of prospective dates. Members log in and select a potential date. Then, they choose one of the 20 bribes to offer it to their choice in exchange for a date. These bribes include such things as flowers, dinner, shopping sprees and even plastic surgery.

Carrot Dating got off to a great start with 45,000 paid users joining within just three days of the October 21, 2013 launch. The site has caused quite a bit of outrage among other Internet dating members. It has even been accused of being a single step away from prostitution.

No one should be surprised at this site, though. Brandon Wade also created other such dating sites as Seeking Millionaire catering to women looking for rich husbands, Seeking Arrangement to locate sugar daddies, and What’sYourPrice, which is a dating auction. It’s clear that Mr. Wade knows what many people want in a partner given the popularity of these sites.

Wade isn’t the only one to jump on the bandwagon of controversial dating sites, though. Ashley Madison is a very popular dating site for those people that are looking for discreet extra-marital affairs. While others may disagree with the morality of such a dating website, it should be considered that people interested in adding variety to their relationships are going to do it anyway. It may as well be done with safety and discretion. is another head scratching website that has people wondering what the dating world has come to in the 21st century. This site lets their members decide if a new user is attractive enough to become a part of the membership. Not surprisingly, it’s not only extremely popular but it runs into a problem in that 75 percent of its members are turned away.

CanDoBetter gains its notoriety by letting users rate the more attractive members of couples, thereby, alerting those members that they can “do better.” These are the members that are offered dates through the website. Even though the premise may seem insulting, there are currently over 100,000 members.

While the above may be more than a bit reprehensible, there’s that may just take the prize. The complete goal of this website is to enlarge breasts worldwide. It’s not actually a dating site because the members aren’t allowed to date. The women that join put up profiles and pictures of themselves. Then they simply chat with the male members. These men choose whether or not they want to donate money to the funds of these women for their breast augmentations.

Then there’s Miss Travel for the beautiful women that want to hook up with men who will pay for trips that the women take. Of course, the men are going to be coming along but these women usually don’t have to pay a cent for some pretty awesome trips.  Basically, great looking women create profiles along with their travel itineraries. Then the “generous” members browse through these profiles and select the women they wish to take on trips.

OKCupid is another website that have made headlines off and on for offering their members the option to filter out overweight or unattractive people. There’s an extra fee for this service but lots of their members take advantage of it. Many people would consider this to be rather controversial in that it is just really in bad taste. Yet, OKCupid is a very popular dating website so, apparently, quite a few people seem to agree with this practice.

Last, but not least, women can now find the men of their dreams in all areas with Started by Miami businessman Steve Pasternack, it has proved to be quite successful and popular for the women that insist their men are packing at least 7 inches or more. Pasternack is the father of, another niche dating website. He states that the idea for actually came from a female friend of his. This friend was bemoaning the fact that she couldn’t seem to find a good quality man that would also please her in bed. Thus, the concept for was born.

There are many controversial dating websites on the Internet but these are an example of what some of the more popular ones offer. For people that are in search of a dating website that’s a bit different from the norm, these might just be some places to start.

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