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  • Chances Of Getting A Date
  • Features
  • Quality of Member’s photos
  • Help Files / Technical Support
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use / Navigation
  • Ease of Joining / Registration

  • The site is absolutely free

  • You can see newly registered members
  • You can see who is online now
  • You can browse members in your area
  • Favorites feature
  • You can see who has viewed your profile
  • They will inform you about the latest scam profiles found on the site
  • Has forums and blogs
  • You can attend events
  • Top 10 and Top 100 members list

Some people in the world would love to try a dating service, but they don’t want to have to pay the fees. The questionnaires can also be confusing. is just the place for those people. It’s free to join their site and contact members. There are no questionnaires to complete and registration takes about a minute. It’s mostly geared towards Australia and New Zealand, but there are members from all over the world.

Rather than being a typical dating site, this one is more like a singles social mixer, only online. You have a chance to search through numerous criteria to narrow down what you want and connecting is as easy as a click of the mouse. While you could just start pestering people left and right until someone responded to you, it’s always better if you take the time to truly complete your profile and let others know what kind of person you are as well as what you are looking for in a relationship.

Not having to spend any money is a great thing about this site, but it can be a disadvantage for some. The site uses quite a few ads in the process of offering a free service to its members and that means there are advertisements on nearly every page you visit, including your own profile. Now this may detract from the benefits of it being free for some people, but if they didn’t have the ads visible, then you wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet some of the most wonderful people on the planet. Sometimes you have to take the bad in order to truly find the good.

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