Best Dating Sites for August Bank Holiday

Happy couple

Happy couple

With the August Bank holiday coming close, many British singletons are undoubtedly planning to make use of this day in a number of ways when it comes to dating. As the bank holiday allows the vast majority of UK citizens to take a day off work it means there is a greater chance for singles to find love. In addition to the amount of singles who are taking advantage of this great day, there will be a number of couples who will make use of their day off work and try and spend quality time together.


First, let’s actually talk about why the Bank Holiday is such a great day to find love. Studies have shown that the likelihood of finding a potential partner on bank holiday is 25% more likely primarily down to the day being seen as an ‘escape’ from the constraints and stress in the workplace. The thing is, a great number UK citizens are stuck in the workplace for a number of hours a day. A bank holiday allows them to have a day of freedom. A day where they can forget about waking up at 5am to get ready and come back from work in the late hours. Bank Holiday is day where people are usually in higher spirits and this makes it easier for them to find love because they’re in a more positive frame of mind.


Now, while the Bank Holiday will always be a day for finding love it means nothing if you do not make plans to actually find love or spend time with your partner. This is actually the most important thing about making the most out of a bank holiday. What you decide to do on a bank holiday should not be much different to what you decide to on any other day you decide to pursue a partner.


Apart from the traditional locations such as cinemas, restaurants and nightclubs which are used for dating, there are also many single people in the UK who are now searching for love online. This is no different on the August Bank Holiday as the best dating sites may offer certain people a better chance at finding love than outside. The best dating sites allow users to sift through various profiles and find their most compatible partner. Now, the bank holiday makes it easier to find love online as with the day off the people who are online will be looking for a partner to spend the day with.


The real reason online dating is more effective for finding love during the Bank Holiday is because the vast majority of people will be outside trying to make the most of their free day. With the majority of people outside, this means that the people who are online searching for love are in the exact situation as you. They are probably people who did not have a partner to experience the Bank Holiday with, therefore they use the dating site to find a partner. Online dating may also be more effective on Bank Holiday for the users who are less outgoing and find it harder to approach potential partners in real life. Due to the vast amounts of people that will be in nightclubs, bars and pubs it would make the quieter people more intimidated than usual. But by using the best dating sites they can take to formulate messages and interact without the pressure of a real life social situation.

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  1. Never heard of august bank, but i just take a look at it, you must register an account to keep going, and, is that a adult dating site? Seems cool, ill check it out, thanks.

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