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  • Chances Of Getting A Date
  • Features
  • Quality of Member’s photos
  • Help Files / Technical Support
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use / Navigation
  • Ease of Joining / Registration

  • 1 month is R 50 ($5.09) – trial offer
  • 3 months is R 165 / month ($16.82)
  • 6 months is R 149 / month ($15.19)

  • See who has checked your profile
  • Deep personality test
  • Automatic matching system
  • See last registered members
  • See last site visitors
  • Favourites feature to be in touch with members you like
  • Very deep advanced search

When you log on to, it has this cool refreshing design and color to it. They didn’t try to do anything extraordinary, and not doing much atimes may just be perfect!

The home page doesn’t give much away, rather it makes you become anxious to know what really they can offer. Before you have any idea about what they can give you must register, which looks easy, but it can be best described as “a process”.

I don’t think i would recommend gays of lesbians to join this particular dating site, as when trying to sign up, when you select your gender, it automatically selects who you want to meet as the opposite of your sex, so if you select that you are a male you can’t go ahead to also select “searching for a male” it would select female for you. Moving on, you then enter the other details, and then click on register, one would actually think that was the end and you would be allowed to complete the process later, but you would now be made to fill in another page titled “Rationality vs. Emotionality” the questions are asked basically to know your type of personally and to whom you would be compatible with. When you are done with that page, you move on to the next stage of registration which is titled “Tradition vs. Innovation” where you key in some features of what you expect your partner to be like. Then to the next step which is tagged “Distance vs. Attachment” answering the questions here would help know whether you like to feel close to others or if you are more emotionally reserved. No done yet! As we move to stage 4, which is titled “Observation vs. Feeling”, filling the complements you would like to hear about yourself, would help discover if you are organised and methodical or more flexible and casual. And to the 5th registration page which is “My Data” here you now fill in your personal details, from your name to your nationality and your personal description, here you can actually claim to be in a different country because they didn’t request for postal code or phone number. Then on to the page where you are expected to upload your picture, this is the only step you are allowed to skip and can do later. The good thing about this long registration “process” is you won’t be stressed to type, as you would only be required to select from the options available. The best part is with all of these, they would only send you just one welcome email and that’s it.

Done with the signing up, on your first glance at your profile homepage, a pop-up page with your matches would appear and also give you the option of upgrading to become a premium member, where you can have access to “premium” features, you can subscribe for one, three or 6 months.

Unlike other dating websites were all online and not online members are thrown at you, here only your matches would appear on your dashboard, while also given the option of making specific searches if you are not satisfied with what was suggested to you.

Overall this dating website is one you would be glad to become a part of, it’s very cool and easy to use, all pages load well and are straight to the point.

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