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Many of us have used online dating sites, with each and everyone of us having a different experience, sometimes good other times not so good. What can be even more interesting is that two different people can describe a positive experience they had of the same dating site in a way that makes you wonder if they are talking about the same site. At Dating Site Rating, we bring all the shared experiences of online dating site users together so that people who are considering using a particular dating site may find useful information from those who have used the same dating site in the past, in the hope that feedback from other can help you make up your mind about the best dating site for you.

Before we feature a site on Dating Site Rating, we get one of our contributors to have a quick and general look and write their own review, this helps give a general picture of what the site is like and your likelihood of getting  a date. The deeper feedback are those given by our visitors. We hope you find some of the reviews useful in your search for a dating site that can help you find love or relationship online.

If there is any way we can improve our site or help bring you a better reviews, please feel free to contact us.  Thank you for your interest in Dating Site Rating.